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Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer

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Image 1, before, after 2 days and after 22 days. unretouched photos. image 2, before and after 14 days. image 3, after 1 use - 100% agree their skin looks calm and less irritated. 94% showed improvement in pore size. after 1 week - 94% agree redness was visibly improved. after 4 weeks - 97% agree their skin looks clearer. based on a 4 week consumer study of 33 women aged 18-50. based on a 4 week clinical study of 33 women aged 18-50. image 4, what is your skin microbiome? your skin's microbiome is a home to trillions of bacteria that fortify, protect and nourish skin. how do probiotics support your microbiome? when there are too many bad bacteria, probiotics restore balance by delivering a plethora of healthy bacteria to your microbiome. what are the benefits? a balanced microbiome results in less irritation, redness and excess oil for an overall healthy, clear complexion. image 5, find your moisture match. probiotic gel moisturiser - the redness reducer = skin type is oily to combination. texture = lightweight gel. results = calms and soothes while balancing the microbiome. vitamin c rose moisturiser - the instant brightener. skin type = normal to dry. texture = cushion cream. results = brightens complexion and fights free radicals. omega repair cream - the heavy duty hydrator. skin type = dry to mature. texture = rich cream. results = repairs the skin barrier and plumps fine lines and wrinkles. image 6, breakout-prone skin routine. step 1 = deeply cleanse with amino acid gentle cleanser. step 2 = BHA pore minimizing toner balances and clarifies. step 3 = 10% lactic acid resurfacing serum improves texture. step 4 = probiotic gel moisturiser calms and hydrated.

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New formula is a downgrade

I have used this for a couple of years now and loved it. However, I will not be continuing to use the new formula as it doesn’t work for my skin at all and feels poorer in quality. Please return to the old formula!

by Ira411

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New Formula is a let down

I went through 4 of the original Formulas and it got rid of icepick scarring, evened my skin tone, and moisturized my skin. I would feel amazing after using it. This is not the case for the new formula. It broke me out horribly, does nothing for my redness anymore, nothing for scarring… I don’t even see why it is worth to buy it anymore. I was so happy with the old formula and relieved because it was the first thing that worked for me… now I have nothing because the new formula is garbage. Really disappointed

by mad

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New formula is horrible

The new formula is horrible! Not cooling or gel like anymore and my skin hates it! I have to wonder why Biossance is not listening to all the complaints and changing back to original formula.

by Sadie

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The new formula is trash

I used to loved this product for years, but the reformulation is trash. My skin feels rough, and I’ve been breaking out since using the new formula. BRING BACK THE OLD FORMULA!!! I will be seeking a refund for the jar I currently have.

by Katie

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Changed formula

I am so disappointed with the new formulation. When I compare ingredients to the original, they are so very different. Plus the original formulation was EWG verified. It appears that the new formulation is made with less quality ingredients. I no longer feel like I can trust this product.

by Melissa

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Not a Fan of the New Formula

I wanted to like this. I have been using the gel moisturizer for nearly 2 years and it’s been the best day moisturizer for my combo skin. Unfortunately, this new formula isn’t great. It cause me to break out after initial use and hasn’t been as moisturizing. It has also left my skin more oily. Pretty disappointed.

by New formula

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Terrible New Formulation

I have been purchasing this item for some time now and I have always loved it. I saw on a recent review that they changed the formulation and the new formulation had many bad reviews, but I thought that I would give it a try anyway. The OLD formulation was amazing and was a gel that helped with my redness, and my combo skin that can be dry, but easily breaks out too. This NEW cream that I received is TERRIBLE. It is watery, not a gel. It does not help with my redness any longer and it feels like it is more drying than actually moisturizing. I am very disappointed and may have to move on to a new company to yet again try to find a face cream that works for my combo, sensitive, red face. I would love to know if I can purchase the old formula of this anywhere though since I loved it so much, or if they ever switch back to the old formulation, I may come back to Biossance.

by mm29

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Made my skin angry

I got this as part of one of the kits. As soon as I put it on my face, my cheeks heated up and started to burn. I left it on for 15 minutes or so, and it didn't get any better, so I immediately washed it off and felt better. I've liked everything else I've tried so far, but this product is not for me.

by Laura

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Not how it used to be.

I've been buying this for well over a year. It Is the only moisturizer I use. I loved it, until the last time I bought it. It is not the same. They must of changed the formula. It was like a clear gel moisturizer before, and now it's a white creamy moisturizer. Highly upset about it. GO BACK TO THE OTHER FORMULA PLEASE.

by Mj

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Bad decision on Biossance’s part

Asking people to pay $54 for this garbage is a joke. The original formula was amazing, it was ACTUALLY a gel. This new formula is nothing like the original. It’s greasy and feels horrible on my skin, and also doesn’t absorb well at all. Makes me feel like I’m wearing a mask, it’s SO uncomfortable. On top of that this new formula is making me break out so bad, which never happened with the old formula. I think you want to believe that breaking out is an individual problem but if SO MANY of your customers are have this same experience then I think the issue is quite widespread. It’s YOU, Biossance, that forced this horrible formula in place of one that ACTUALLY worked and ruined our skin. I got my refund but that’s not enough, I need Biossance to actually listen to the majority of us who want the old formula back. Can’t believe they still are trying to tell people this new formula is better when everyone is telling them otherwise.

by K

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