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Smooth + Sculpted Body Routine

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Image 1, YOUR HYDRATING BODYCARE ROUTINE BANCE QUALANE-CAFFEINE BODY CREA BIOSSANC SOCALARE-ENDING BIOSSANCE 100% SQUALANE OIL Step 1: Exfoliate SQUALANE + ENZYME SUGAR BODY SCRUB Tip: For a stronger scrub, use less water. Step 2: Moisturize SQUALANE + CAFFEINE TONING BODY CREAM Tip: Mix with 100% SQUALANE OIL for a hydration boost. Image 2, 0 OD 0 0 O 0 00 BIOSSANCE: 100% SQUALANE OIL Derived O Body Face, H cophage ch છે IMMEDIATELY 95% agree skin felt instantly hydrated1 AFTER 2 WEEKS 93% agree skin is more nourished and hydrated' AFTER 5 WEEKS 100% showed an increase in cell renewal rate2 Based on a 28 day consumer study of 84 female subjects. oges 18-54, after twice daily use Based on a 5 week clinical study of 35 subjects, ages 13-54, efter twice daily use Image 3, Unscented SQUALANE. CAFFEINE TONING BODY CREAM CTVMrume AFTER 3 WEEKS 100% agree their skin feels nourished' 100% agree their skin appears more toned' 100% agree their skin appears more firm1 CANCE Based on a 21 day consumer study of 38 female subjects. oges 20-55. after twice daily use

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