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Squalane + Retinol Night Serum

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Image 1, you sleep, retinol activates. apply retinol night serum - retinoids and squalane deliver deep into skin - time release technology begins - wake up glowing. image 2, squalane enhanced delivery. retinol = reliable and stable, clinically proven. retinal = closest to prescription strength and works faster. our ground breaking formula = released over time, maximum efficacy, minimum irritation. encapsulated. image 3, encapsulated retinol and retinal blend = rapidly increase cellular turnover with minimal irritation results. rosemary and saffron - provide antioxidant benefits and help stabilise retinoids. sugarcane derived squalane = provides weightless moisture and helps deliver active ingredients. image 4, your nightly retinol ritual. step 1 = cleanse with antioxidant cleansing oil. step 2 = treat eye area with marine algae eye cream. step 3 = treat skin concerns with retinol night serum. step 4 = moisturise with omega repair cream. image 5, find your serum superhero. vitamin c dark spot serum - the power vanisher = targets dark spots and brightens. copper peptide rapid plumping serum - the power plumper = replenishes moisture and firms. lactic acid resurfacing night serum - the ultimate smoother = exfoliates away dull skin. retinol night serum - the fine line fighter = visibly improves fine lines and uneven tone. image 6, after 1 day - 100% showed an increase in skin hydration. 100% noticed their wrinkles appeared smoother. after 7 days - 100% noticed an improvement in uneven skin tone, 100% showed a visible increase in skin firmness. based on a clinical study of 29 women aged 35-60 after 1 use. based on a consumer study of 29 women aged 35-50 after 1 use. based on a 7 day consumer study of 29 women aged 35-60 once daily use. based on a 7 day clinical study of 29 women aged 35-60 once daily use.

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LOVE the product; Hate the packaging

I absolutely love this product. It works fast, gives my skin a vibrant lift, and lacks the irritation other straight-retinol products produce. I'm especially a fan of the combo of retinol and retinal, and the other ingredients obviously assist in helping my skin respond to retinol/retinal. However! The packaging is a huge downside, especially considering the cost. Easily half of the product is hard to get out of the bottle both because of the shape of the bottle and the use of the unnecessary pump (instructions clearly indicate how much to use; the pump isn't needed). And honestly, I would be just as happy to receive this in a basic plastic tube and save on packaging that is clearly intended to convey a certain luxury, but actually just makes it more expensive and harder to use. I may or may not order again. Will try to find another similar formula in better packaging and hopefully (fingers crossed!) in the mean time, Biossance decides to update the packaging so I can come back to their product.

by Anna

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Perfect for low dose retinol users

I really like this product as a daily or near daily retinol. I like that the dosage is low so I can use it regularly, or not. As a new mom I don’t always have time to have a perfect skincare routine, so the flexibility of the low dosage is great for me. Also it doesn’t have a strong scent which is nice

by Rebecca

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Love Product. Hate the bottle

Same sentiments as everyone else on here. The bottle sucks & is wasteful. The 'straw' or whatever is inside broke so I ended up having to keep this on its side and pound it into my palm for the last half of the bottle. Additionally the bottle is designed so that you cannot scoop the remainder out with a finger. Who knows how much I threw away. Aside from that the product that you Can use is GOOD. It's creamy. Never burned my skin. Moisturizing. Little to faint smell. I did end up buying again in-spite of the above cons.

by KP

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Wonderful to use at night

Love this serum for nighttime use. My face feels soft and moisturized when I arise in the morning!

by Na27

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Great product, but too much waste

Short version: This is a good product but too much is wasted by not being able to get it out of the bottle. I like this product and think it has helped my skin. When I thought I was running low at the end of November, I purchased a second bottle. However, there turned out to be so much still in the bottle, after the pump stopped working, that I am still using the original bottle in early January, and there is still apparently a great deal in the bottle that I will not be able to get out. I'll use the second bottle as well, but when it comes time to replace that, I will look for something in packaging that allows for more to be gotten out of the container.

by M

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Hello Healthier Skin!

I started using every other night and now use every night. I use 2 to 3 pumps. I've been using for about a month. My skin feels and looks healthier. Very pleased with the results.

by Brockster

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The WORST BOTTLE-waste of money

This product is packaged in a glass bottle with straw and pump inside. Due to the thicker nature of the serum, it is so difficult to get the product out of the bottle. 30-40% of serum ends up stuck on the sides/bottom of the bottle and the pump/straw doesn’t work. I had to use a Q-tip to get the product out- and even that is difficult because the opening of the bottle is small. For an expensive product, I wish Biossance would change the packaging. The actual serum works well and does not dry my skin.

by K.L.

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Average results

Retinol is not as effective. The Squalane Omega Repair night cream is very thick and super greasy. The eye cream is also thick and greasy. Not my favorites. Won't buy again.

by First time user

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Good product

I am currently pregnant so I am unable to use this product; however, I’ve noticed a change in my skin since taking it out of my regular use. I do love that the squalane gives moisturizing qualities while the retinol does its job. My skin always has a nice glow after using.

by Sam

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What to use where and when ?

I like the way it feels on my face, but I do not get the results in the pictures My daughter says she has. I’d like a step by step how to apply the product. Which goes first? let dry between applications? What to use during the day vs night or both but indicate in which order. Also helpful would be to understand what does not go near the eyes and which are ok (vitamin c moisturizer or oil?? Ok bear eyes? Serums ?

by Eg

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