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Squalane + Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum

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Image 1, BEFORE (0 DAYS) AFTER (28 DAYS) unretouched photos SQUALANE + VITAMIN C DARK SPOT SERUM BOSSANCE ALANE VITAMIN DARK SPOTSERUM Image 2,  BIOSSANCE: VITAMIN C SQUALANE DARK SPOT SERUM WC White Sh Went visiblement i Wet chameleon Diction AFTER 1 WEEK 100% agree the look of dark spots is improved1 100% agree the look of sun damage is improved1 97% saw a visible improvement in fine lines and wrinkles' Based on a 21 day consumer study of 38 female subjects. oges 20-58, after twice daily use Image 3, BOSSANCE: SALANE. VITAMIN C CAK SPOT SERUM → VITAMIN C 10% A potent antioxidant that visibly brightens and firms without causing irritation WHITE SHIITAKE MUSHROOM EXTRACT Synergistic mushroom blend that visibly corrects dark spots and targets the formation of new ones LICORICE ROOT EXTRACT Calms and mitigates the look of discoloration and fights the appearance of future dark spots Image 4, RADIANT COMPLEXION DYNAMIC DUO AM SQUALANE + VITAMIN C DARK SPOT SERUM Correct and prevent dark spots Even skin tone BIOSSANCE: SQUALANE. VITAMINC CARK SPOT SERUM BOSSANCE ALANE LACTIC ACID ESURFACING NIGHTSER MO CPM SQUALANE LACTIC ACID RESURFACING NIGHT SERUM Reduce look of large pores Smooth rough texture

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DO NOT BUY! SEVERE ALLERGIC REACTION after using one time! I woke up and my eyes are almost swollen shut, hives on my face and neck, and little white heads all over my face. I do not have sensitive skin typically - buyer beware!! Throwing away all of the products from this line!

by merek

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Allergic reaction

I have loved all of my Biossance products and I alternate the serums so I did not realize this was what causing my recent allergic reactions. I quit all of the products a couple of months ago since I developed hives and redness around eyes, nose and mouth. I was put on high dose antihistamine and they got better so I just used this serum two nights ago and woke up with same sever allergies that causes me to end up in the ER one day to be treated for the swelling. Even on the antihistamine, it didn’t prevent this recent reaction I am still trying to recover from. At least I now know what is causing my severe allergies. Please patch test before using! This is a serious allergic reaction and seems to be pretty common from what I have read on here. I cannot recommend this product but I love the others and hope I can still use them someday.

by Sherry

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Holy grail product

I’ve been using this for about 3 years now and it’s probably my favorite product in my routine. It’s so lightweight and feels like nothing on your skin but the results are amazing. My skin always feels so smooth and any scars or redness I get from occasional acne seems to heal and fade fast when using this. As an acne prone girlie it doesn’t break me out either which is key!

by Emaline

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Allergic reaction

I used this for a couple weeks without any issues, then I had an allergic reaction. I tried it once more and the reaction was even worse. Swollen eyes, red, dry/peeling and itchy face. It took 3 days for the allergic reaction to fade. What a waste of a whole bottle.

by KC26

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Effective, worth it!

This dark spot serum has an effective percentage of vitamin C since I am already noticing, after just a few weeks, that my skin is lightening or brightening. At this point, I think I should just regularly use it on the dark spots rather than my entire face. I use multiple Biossance products and I regularly get compliments on my skin, even though I am (proudly) 69. I highly recommend this product in particular. It is doing what the literature said it would do.

by CateB.

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Loving Vitamin C Dark Spot serum

Amazed by this brand. I live in Peru and try to take advantage of every online promotion and sale. My skin looks beautiful, moisturized and natural! I look younger and I feel great! I’m 35 years old and my skin is impeccable, thanks to you! I’m receiving a lot of skin compliments since I’ve been using vitamin C serum! Love you guys!

by Ingrid Bogicevic

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Excellent all over face prep for baked pow makeup

Immediately lightened my dark age spots by 50%, which is more than I expected. At 75 with very skin. Repeatedl use showed no further change. Using now as a serum all over face (avoid eyes) my face prior to baked powder makeup. “Wakes up” face. Has refined my skin texture.

by CrazyMary

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Slowly Fades Dark Spots but Irritates Skin and Caused Acne

I really wanted to love this product because I have dark spots from acne I had in my teens and 20s, but this actually caused breakouts for me. I have sensitive skin, so I expect a certain amount of redness, but the only thing that makes me breakout is grapefruit or heavy products. I was assured that the vitamin C is not grapefruit derived, so I gave this product another chance after taking a break (had a sample size) and yet again more painful acne. Oh well

by ari.littles

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I don’t think this does anything. Better vit c serums out there.

by Caite rose

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The best

This is the best. Feels great on, and is well tolerated by my sensitive, acne prone skin. Dark spots from acne scars and hyperpigmentation have really faded within a week or two of use. Concentration of vitamin c is very effective

by zins

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