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Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil 

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Image 1, AFTER 20 DAYS 100% agree that the product effectively cleanses their skin' 91% agree that the product effortlessly dissolves makeup' 90% agree that their complexion is more radiant1 BIOSSANCE: SQUALANE+ ANTIOXIDANT CLEANSING OIL Based on 20 day consumer perception study week of 22 female subjects, ages 22-65, ofter once daily use Image 2, BIOSSANCE SQUALANE. ANTIOXIDANT CLEANSING OIL DOUBLE CLEANSING GUIDE BOSSANCE. LANE-AMINO ALDE LE CLEANSER Klit STEP 1: SQUALANE + ANTIOXIDANT CLEANSING OIL Remove makeup and debris by massaging into dry skin. Apply water to emulsify and remove. STEP 2: SQUALANE AMINO ALOE GENTLE CLEANSER For a deeper cleanse, apply to damp skin. Massage in circular motions and rinse. Image 3, SUGARCANE-DERIVED SQUALANE Weightlessly locks in essential moisture BIOSSANCE. SQUALANE. ANTIOXIDANT CLEANSING OIL → 8 PLANT-DERIVED OILS & EXTRACTS Helps deliver nourishing antioxidants leaving skin calm and soft SUGARCANE-DERIVED HEMISQUALANE Gently and effectively cleanses and removes makeup

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Beware if you have eye or fragrance sensitivities

I was swapping out all of my products due to allergies and toxins and came up on this brand. It came with the EWG rating, so I naively thought that all of the products would be safe. I am a makeup and esthetician so I can read the labels fairly well and get by. I did like some of the products but this and the gel cleanser I couldn't handle on my face or around my eyes....where usually most of the makeup is. I also didn't feel like the oil broke down the makeup as some others I have used. So just be careful if you have sensitive eyes due to allergies or fragrance. This left me with my eyes red and stingy due to the essential oils. Obviously other love it so I feel this is just for those with those issues.

by KT Verified Purchase

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Perfect for dryer skin

I love this cleansing oil. I am almost 50 and have dryer skin, especially in the winter. This (in addition to moisturizers) keeps my skin from drying out. I love it!

by RebeccaX13 Verified Purchase

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This is a game changer

I am so pleased with this product. It makes my skin visibly smoother and more radiant. It helps control the oil as well. It feels so luxurious against my skin when ever I wash my face and I love how this product smells. Very happy.

by Angela

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Do NOT get it in your eyes!

I bought this to help remove makeup/double cleanse. The double cleansing has been great, along with the gentle squalene wash, and it does remove makeup with ease - but boy does it burn the eyes! I use a tubing mascara, so I don’t even need to scrub… but even if a little bit gets in or around your eye it will sting.

by Aly

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Great makeup remover

Love this product. It removes makeup so easily and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth.

by Sam

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Best Oil Cleanser EVER

This is THE BEST oil cleanser out there, an essential first double-cleansing step for acne-prone folks! After so much research, I found that it checks all my boxes -- it's environmentally safe, formulated without sketchy ingredients, it's non-comedogenic, which means that it doesn't clog my pores, and it lasts forever. The light texture actually gently extracts a lot of clogged pores whenever I use it (every night). I just get the oil and massage my face with it for at least 1 minute or until I feel that my skin has been exfoliated and the little blackheads have been removed out of my face. Then I rinse with warm water and follow up with a rice bran-based cleanser or an enzyme cleansing powder. Washing my face with this double cleansing method has been life changing as someone who has struggled with acne and clogged pores for almost 10 years. This is a staple skincare product. Don't know what I'd do without it.

by Miss

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Best Makeup Remover Ever

This is the best oil based cleanser I’ve ever used. It does a really good job of getting the majority of your makeup off in step one of the double cleanse. It also is so nice and gentle on your skin and leaves it hydrated and soft. My only critique would be this bottle is not travel friendly. Even if you keep the pump stopper on, it’s so viscous, it still leaks out. I do wish Biossance would make a travel version that doesn’t leak.

by smg

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Great for combination skin

I love this face oil! I have been using it for years!

by H

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Love this, perfect for removing eye makeup

Love this cleansing oil. Perfect for the coming winter months when my skin needs extra moisture. I also love this for taking off eye makeup because it doesn’t sting my eyes, or leave a weird film in my eyes. It’s very moisturizing but also leaves my skin feeling refreshed.

by Mh143

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Not for Me

I really did not like this at all. My skincare line up was all Biossance, except my cleanser. It didn't do much to remove sunscreen and felt like the oil sat on my skin. My face did not feel clean or moisturized. I gave it away. Once upon a time, I had used the Biossance Elderberry cleanser and loved it but it was discontinued.

by Shelly

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