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Our Promise To You

We talk a lot about our standards when it comes to ingredients. After all, we blacklist over 2,000 potentially harmful ones from our products. But there’s more to the story of No Compromise Beauty™. This promise to you means not having to compromise when it comes to results and caring for our planet.


We use many plant-based ingredients and cleaner alternatives backed by biotechnology in our products. We know they’re effective and we have the clinical results to prove it. And yet, there’s a common misconception when it comes to cleaner, safer ingredients that they don’t get the job done as well as their potentially harmful or irritating counterparts. This is part of our No Compromise™ promise to you. With Biossance, you won’t have to sacrifice results to have safer ingredients. You can have it both ways.

Want proof? Check out the clinical results herehere and here.


While we want to make a difference for your skin, we also want to make a difference for the planet. Every step of the way, we are mindful of our impact. We select recycled or recyclable materials for our packaging. We use sugarcane paper for our outer packaging to cut down on the number of trees used. And then of course, we produce squalane from sustainable sugarcane, a naturally renewable resource.

Beyond the products themselves, we’re proud supporters of two key organizations committed to protecting the environment—the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Environmental Media Association (EMA). These groups are leading the environmental movement in so many ways and we’re honored to work closely with them.


When it comes down to it, our promise to you is to put your mind at ease. You can rest assured that we’re constantly raising the bar and holding ourselves to higher standards when it comes to ingredients, results and the environment. Because everyone should be able to trust that the brands they purchase from have their best interests at heart.

Christine Tusher
Christine Tusher Writer and expert
As a lifestyle writer and journalist, I love sharing my passion for ocean conservation and obsession with clean beauty. I’ve tried almost every trend and ingredient, and Biossance’s science-backed formulas are the only ones that consistently calm my reactive skin and make it smoother, clearer, and healthier. I’m so excited to be on this journey of skincare innovation with Biossance, and to share it with you!

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