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10 Wedding Prep Skincare Tips For Healthy, Glowing Skin

You’ve chosen your venue, hired a caterer, and created a wedding playlist that will keep your guests dancing until the sun comes up. With your big day on its way, you can feel the glow. Make it show with a wedding prep skincare routine aimed at a healthy, radiant complexion.

We asked Biossance bride-to-be, Hailey Hendricks, for tips on the best skincare for wedding prep to help you build a bridal skin regimen and get you glowing ahead of your big day.Bridal Skincare Tips From Hailey, Biossance's PR and Influencer Marketing Manager

Hailey’s 10 Wedding Skincare Tips For Brides-To-Be

1. Invest In A Bridal Skin Regimen. Looking your best on your big day starts with taking care of your skin. The best skincare routine before your wedding is one you’ll stick to daily, as the best results are cumulative. 

I love our Bridal Set because it has four of our bestselling products aimed at hydration and radiance in a beautiful blue bag. (Something blue? Check!)

The set includes a full size Squalane + Omega Repair Cream, plus travel sizes of our Squalane + Vitamin C  Rose Oil, Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream, and our award-winning Squalane + Copper Peptide Rapid Plumping Serum

Ideally, you’ll begin your bridal skin regimen about 8 weeks before your wedding, which is about how long it takes for your epidermis to turn over. This ensures that your skin is at its healthiest when the cameras (and champagne!) start popping.Shop Wedding Bundles For Yourself, And Your Wedding PartyShop Bridal Skincare for Bride, Mother of Bride, and Bridesmaids

2. Get a (Faux) Glow. If your skin tone is on the lighter side like mine, adding a sunless tan to your wedding prep skincare routine can help you look  rested and healthy. I also love how sunless tanner makes white clothes pop in photos. Be sure to exfoliate first for the most natural, streak-free application.

I always use our Enzyme + Sugar Body Scrub before I get a spray tan. I love how its dual exfoliation (chemical and physical) makes my skin so smooth and moisturized. It’s like my whole body got a facial!

Shop Enzyme + Sugar Body ScrubEnzyme Sugar Body Scrub

3. Clear Your Head. Whenever I’m stressed, it shows up on my skin. And as exciting as weddings are, it’s also natural to feel a little nervous, too. I’ve had success preventing stress-related breakouts by incorporating a mindfulness practice into my wedding skincare routine. 

This can be as easy as spending one minute focusing on your breathing, or writing down 10 things you’re grateful for at the end of each day. The point is to slow down and reconnect to find restful calmness to look and feel like your best self on your big day, and every day. 

4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out is essential to your wedding skincare prep. While serums and moisturizers can do a wonderful job keeping your skin plump and supple, drinking enough fluids can help enhance the appearance of smoother, healthier skin by improving circulation. 

I’ve been making an extra effort to make hydration an 8-glass-a-day habit, and I also told my bridesmaids to remind me to drink water on my wedding day. 

5. Treat Yourself To A Spa Day. I love prepping for big events by turning my bathroom into an at-home spa, and my wedding day will be no exception.

I start by turning on my favorite relaxing playlist, lighting a candle, and drawing a bath with a few pumps of our 100% Squalane Oil added for extra hydration. Then, I take my time exfoliating with our Squalane + Enzyme Sugar Body Scrub while my skin is still damp. I love that I can customize my level of exfoliation depending on how much water I incorporate with the scrub. 

As my final step, slather on our Squalane + Caffeine Toning Body Cream. The caffeine it contains comes from green coffee beans, which firms my skin while niacinamide and squalane improve texture and hydration.

Caffeine Toning Body Cream

6. Stop Talking About Your Wedding With Your Partner. It’s easy to let conversations around wedding logistics and guest lists dominate the communications you have with your partner. 

To avoid this problem, Harrison and I have a weekly touch base about  our wedding-related action items. It’s helped us compartmentalize planning so our dinner conversations can get back to the things that made us fall in love in the first place.

7. Test Drive Your Nail Polish. Nail color often looks different in the bottle than it does on your skin. And if you plan on any special nail art, it’s always a good idea to make sure your chosen nail tech can execute the way you envision. 

As with my bridal hair, I’m doing a dry run with my nail color beforehand to make sure it’s perfect on my wedding day.

8. Stash A Pair Of Comfy Shoes. Let’s be real: I love my wedding shoes, but I’m not going to wear them at the expense of dancing the night away with the people I care about most. That’s why I’m keeping a pair of comfortable shoes on hand for the reception. After all, I want people looking at my smiling face, not my feet.

9. Create A Custom Playlist For Pre-Wedding Prep.  I’ve been slowly adding songs as I hear them to create a playlist for when I’m getting ready. My group of friends has a few key songs that we always sing along to, and I love the idea of incorporating that sense of connection and joy into my wedding skincare routine.

10. You Do You. My one final, overarching piece of advice: don’t  let yourself get talked into thinking you need to do anything just to make someone else happy. At the end of the day, it’s the memories you share with your partner that will be the most meaningful, so make your wedding choices from the heart. You’ll feel so relaxed and happy that your guests can’t help but feel the same way.
Christine Tusher
Christine Tusher Writer and expert
As a lifestyle writer and journalist, I love sharing my passion for ocean conservation and obsession with clean beauty. I’ve tried almost every trend and ingredient, and Biossance’s science-backed formulas are the only ones that consistently calm my reactive skin and make it smoother, clearer, and healthier. I’m so excited to be on this journey of skincare innovation with Biossance, and to share it with you!

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