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Facial Oils FAQ: Your Questions, Answered

Facial oil is a moisturizing skincare step aimed at sealing in hydration and supporting the skin’s moisture barrier. While the act of massaging them into your skin is a simple task, there is still a lot of confusion around when and how to use face oils.

We want you to get the most out of our two award-winning face oils – 100% Squalane Oil and Vitamin C Rose Oil – so we’re delving into your most frequently asked questions about our best-in-class formulas.

How are 100% Squalane Oil and Vitamin C Rose Oil Different?

As its name suggests, our 100% Squalane Oil contains a single ingredient: our superhero hydrator, squalane. This weightless, vegan oil mimics your body’s natural moisture to deeply hydrate and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier. It can be used alongside skincare actives including retinol and vitamin C and is National Eczema Association Approved . Our clear, fragrance-free oil can be used from head to toe to nourish and smooth your hair, face, and body.

Our cult-favorite Vitamin C Rose Oil is an innovative formula that combines our uniquely gentle, oil-soluble form of vitamin C with squalane, chios crystal oil and Damascus rose extract to instantly brighten, firm, and revitalize skin. In consumer studies, 91 percent agreed that skin appeared younger-looking with a healthy radiant glow after 21 days of use.

Like all vitamin C products, our Vitamin C Rose Oil should not be used in a routine containing retinoids or exfoliating acids.

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Can I use facial oil instead of moisturizer?

Face oil is not meant as a substitute for moisturizer, as the two are completely different products. Moisturizers are usually formulated to replenish the skin’s hydration both on the surface and in deeper layers. Facial oils, however, neither contain water nor do they add water to the skin. Their main function is to support the skin’s moisture barrier while adding nourishment.

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Which step in my routine is facial oil?

Use face oil as the last step in your skincare routine before sunscreen. Think of it like vitamin-rich plastic wrap, retaining moisture while sealing in your skincare to drive active ingredients deeper into the skin.

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Can people with oily skin use facial oil?

Absolutely! Both of our face oils are weightless, easily absorbed, and suitable for all skin types. In fact, adding another layer of moisture may help balance oiliness.

When skin becomes dehydrated, your body often reacts by sending oil glands into overdrive. Unfortunately, many people react by trying to remove excess oil with harsh cleansers and toners that strip the skin of moisture, making it even more dehydrated. The cycle compounds on itself and before you know it, you have shiny, irritated, breakout-prone skin.

Combining a facial oil with a lightweight, barrier-supportive moisturizer -- such as our Probiotic Gel Moisturizer – can help end this vicious cycle by locking in hydration to bring skin back into balance.

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Will putting oil on my face break me out?

Both of our face oils are non-comedogenic, meaning they do not clog pores.

Can I mix facial oil into my other makeup and skincare products?

Yes! Both of our facial oils are master multitaskers meant to be used in a multitude of different ways. Some of our favorites include:

  • Mixing a few drops into your favorite lipstick shade to create a custom lip oil
  • Cocktailing a drop or two into your favorite moisturizer to make it more emollient without adding an extra skincare step
  • Massaging a very small amount into the undereye area to refresh and smooth creased concealer
  • Mixing a few drops of Vitamin C Rose Oil into your foundation to customize coverage an add a lit-from-within glow

Can I use facial oil on my body? My hair?

Our 100% Squalane Oil can be all over for head-to-toe hydration. Some ideas include:

  • Adding a few pumps to the tub for a moisturizing bath soak
  • Using it on hair to moisturize split ends, smooth flyaways, and add nourishment and shine
  • Using it as a cuticle oil
  • Massaging into shoulders, chest, and legs for a weightless body glow
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