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The 10 TikTok Skincare Trends That Will Rule 2024

Science is taking center stage in 2024’s viral skincare trends. With exciting new ingredient innovations including neurocosmetics, supercharged classics, and barrier boosters aimed at improving your skin’s overall health, the skincare trends that will rule TikTok in 2024 share a common goal: calmer, smoother, more even skin from head to toe using clinically-proven ingredients.

1. Neurocosmetics

Social media has long been enamored with skincare as selfcare. Neurocosmetics take this concept to a whole new level by using innovative skincare ingredients to improve overall wellness.

The epidermis contains a type of sensory cell known as “Merkel cells” which detect temperature and touch. These form synaptic contacts with your nervous system to transmit sensations to the brain. Skincare scientists are pairing this brain-skin connection with product absorption to create a new class of products known as neurocosmetics.

2024 will see TikTokers following suit with skincare hacks aimed at leveling-up their home spa experience by using temperature, touch, and products containing ingredients that can be absorbed through the skin to promote overall relaxation.

Our new Ectoin Overnight Rescue uses sleep-promoting magnesium and peptides to help calm stress-inducing neurotransmitters and optimize the skin’s capacity for overnight repair while ectoin and and squalane drench skin in deep moisture. Your skin is left feeling stronger and more supple after just one overnight treatment.

2. Skin Barrier Health

Pandemic-era obsession with powerful skincare actives prompted many people to mistakenly layer potentially irritating ingredients instead of using them alone. This can damage the skin’s protective moisture barrier and cause  irritated, over processed skin.

In 2024, we’ll see more influencers and brands focus on calming stressed-out skin by incorporating soothing, moisturizing ingredients meant to strengthen the skin barrier. Our best-selling Omega Repair Cream uses ceramides and beneficial lipids to deliver lasting hydration and strengthen the moisture barrier. Plumping, hydrating omega fatty acids similar to what’s in your skin’s moisture barrier work to hydrate and restore its protective layer while hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates and plumps.

3. Supercharged Classics

Consumers have gotten savvy to gimmicky ingredient claims and are increasingly relying on time-tested, dermatologist-approved ingredients like retinol. In response, skincare scientists are innovating newer, more effective, less irritating versions of these tried-and-true ingredients.

Our groundbreaking Retinol Night Serum reduces irritation by time-releasing our powerful retinoid actives into your skin over the course of 8 hours. The result: all the skin-smoothing, dark-spot-improving benefits of retinoids with a boost of squalane-powered hydration, not irritation.

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4. Body Care as Skincare

The TikTok-viral Everything Shower was a big aha moment within the beauty community, prompting the realization that we’ve been  neglecting about 90 percent of our body’s largest organ – our skin.

We predict that 2024 will be a big moment for the skinification of body care as skinthusiasts upgrade their routine to include a more intentional, layered approach that includes targeted treatment ingredients.

Our decadently rich Caffeine Toning Body Cream uses caffeine sourced from green coffee beans to give skin a smoother, more toned appearance while niacinamide improves skin texture and supports the moisture barrier. Meanwhile sugarcane-derived squalane mimics the skin’s natural lipids to instantly moisturize and soothe.

5. Skin Streaming

The pandemic’s work-from-home era enabled many beauty aficionados to enjoy intricate, many-layered skincare routines. One of the biggest skincare trends of 2024 will be a return towards more minimalist skincare routines — otherwise known as skinstreaming. This trend focuses on efficacy as it eliminates unnecessary steps so you can do more with fewer products.

Our Core Four sets create an easy, customized, four-step routine using innovative, science-backed ingredients to balance your skin type and achieve your skincare goals. Each includes four full-sized products that work together to form a quick, easy, effective skincare routine for healthy, even, radiant skin.

6. Skin Flooding

Much like the trend towards barrier repair, skin flooding is part of the culture shift towards soothing irritated, reactive skin. Skin flooding pulls water into the skin by layering products containing hyaluronic acid onto damp skin. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, meaning it acts as a magnet for moisture, pulling water from the environment and trapping it within  the skin. When you apply a hyaluronic acid formula onto damp skin, it bonds with those water molecules and pulls them into your skin as it absorbs, further boosting skin hydration.

Our award-winning Copper Peptide Rapid Plumping Serum combines hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid, and ectoin to drench skin with moisture. Fans of our bestselling serum call it “nature’s Botox”  for its ability to instantly plump and quench alongside a dramatic improvement in elasticity thanks to copper peptides. Our groundbreaking super ingredient – squalane –  delivers skin-plumping, elasticity-boosting ingredients 40x deeper for increased and lasting efficacy.

7. All-Over Oils

TikTok users have embraced layered routines such as the glazed donut trend, which involves topping your skincare with a lightweight oil for overnight hydration. As the skinification of body care becomes more mainstream, more people are expanding their use of skin oils to their hair, nails, and body — especially during drier winter months.

Our ultra moisturizing 100% Squalane Oil is bioidentical to the moisture found in human skin, making it weightless and instantly absorbed and perfect for use all over the body. Our squalane is derived from sustainable sugarcane, a purer, vegan, more ethical, and more effective version than other forms of squalane. And since it replaces the need for similar moisture taken from the livers of sharks, it saves millions of these critical apex predators per year.

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8. Lip Treatments

Smooth, plump, hydrated lips create the perfect canvas for TikTok’s lip gloss craze, so it’s no wonder intensive lip treatments that provide round-the-clock moisture are trending in 2024. Beauty enthusiasts are seeking lip treatments that go beyond traditional salves to deliver cutting-edge skincare ingredients that visibly improve their lips.

Our award-winning Rose Vegan Lip Balm’s petroleum-free formula uses hyaluronic acid and ceramides to deeply hydrate while helping maintain and prevent moisture loss.  Meanwhile wakame algae helps restore the look of plumpness and squalane supports and replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier with weightless hydration.

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9. Pigment Busting

Even-toned skin is in, whether you’re into a minimalist “clean girl” aesthetic or embracing smudgy 90’s grunge. This year will see more people trying products that marry clinically-proven vitamin C with newer ingredient innovations aimed at improving uneven skin tone.

Our Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum delivers a boost of brightness with our uniquely gentle derivative of vitamin C while white shiitake mushroom fades dark spots and dissolves pigmentation over time. Our precisely calibrated blend of ingredients is built to be non-irritating — even for sensitive skin.

10. Makeup Prep

The exploding interest in makeup is also waking people up to the idea that properly prepped skin is key to smooth and lasting makeup application. That means making sure your skin is not only clean, but also moisturized so that makeup can glide onto a smooth surface instead of dragging over fine lines and uneven texture.

Our multi-award-winning Marine Algae Eye Cream instantly melts into skin, creating the perfect canvas for crease-free concealer. Our award-winning eye cream uses marine algae peptides, paracress extract, and our superhero squalane to instantly lift and plump while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. As an added bonus, its naturally pink color subtly helps brighten dark undereye circles.

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Christine Tusher
Christine Tusher Writer and expert
As a lifestyle writer and journalist, I love sharing my passion for ocean conservation and obsession with clean beauty. I’ve tried almost every trend and ingredient, and Biossance’s science-backed formulas are the only ones that consistently calm my reactive skin and make it smoother, clearer, and healthier. I’m so excited to be on this journey of skincare innovation with Biossance, and to share it with you!

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