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10 Summer Skincare Must-Haves for Brighter, Healthier, Hydrated Skin

1. A Sunscreen-and-Makeup-Removing Cleanser

Using a water-resistant sunscreen is a smart move, but the same stay-put properties that make your SPF last during long days in the pool can also mean it doesn’t always wash off easily.

Our light and silky Antioxidant Cleansing Oil effortlessly dissolves stubborn SPF and even waterproof mascara. while adding a burst of squalane-fueled hydration. Meanwhile, nourishing antioxidants target stress and signs of aging, leaving the skin healthy, radiant, and nourished. For some, this can be one of the skincare product for summer.

2. A Deep-Cleaning Gel Cleanser

Skin tends to produce more sebum during the summer months, leading to clogged pores that can stretch and appear enlarged or even form blemishes. Deep-clean your pores with our foamy and refreshing Amino Aloe Gentle Cleanser. Formulated for all skin types, this satisfying foaming cleanser uses a  powerful amino acid complex to break down makeup and impurities while aloe calms and soothes and sugarcane-derived squalane delivers a burst of barrier-boosting moisture. Your skin is left clean, hydrated, and refreshed.

3. A Pore-Refining Toner

Pores can go haywire in warm weather, leading to blemishes and uneven texture. Dramatically exfoliate without overstripping with our BHA Pore-Minimizing Toner.  Our alcohol-free toner uses white willowbark extract—a natural, oil-soluble beta hydroxy acid - to gently but powerfully exfoliate and decongest pores.

Meanwhile, caviar lime extract works its alpha hydroxy magic to gently exfoliate dead cells from the surface of your skin. All this happens without any drying or over-stripping thanks to our sugarcane-derived squalane, which balances the skin and leaves it smooth, hydrated, and ready to receive treatment and moisturizing products. Pore-refining tone is considered by most to be one of the best skincare products for summer.

4. A Hydrating Eye Gel

Warm temperatures, higher humidity, and increased oil production can all combine to make cream textures feel too heavy during the summer months — especially if you have oily skin. Switch up your undereye routine by opting for a lighter texture to feel fresh, look more awake, and prevent concealer from creasing.

Our lightweight but deeply hydrating Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel visibly reduces the look of dark circles and puffiness using niacinamide, and peptides to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles while sugarcane-derived squalane boosts hydration and helps active ingredients work 40 times harder.

5. A Free-Radical-Fighting Facial Serum

More powerful UV rays and increased pollution means increased exposure to damaging free radicals during the summer months. Fight these skin stressors with a powerful blast of 10% vitamin C with our Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum.  Our non-irritating vitamin C neutralizes free radicals while boosting collagen production for increased elasticity while white shitake mushroom visibly improves the look of dark spots and sun damage.

6. A Refreshing Facial Mist

If you’re prone to dryness or suffer from redness and flushing during the summer months, a cooling blast of hydrating facial mist can provide lasting relief.

Our award-winning Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mist is made with two types of hyaluronic acid to weightlessly restore hydration inside and out for complete, skin-plumping moisture protection and all-day radiance. Use it as part of your skincare routine to balance and prep skin to receive active ingredients, or as a midday makeup and hydration refresher.

7. An Exfoliating Body Scrub

Whether you’re prepping skin for a faux glow or trying to smooth and hydrate, a biodegradable body scrub is summer skin’s best friend. Our award-winning Enzyme Sugar Body Scrub uses sustainably-sourced, sugar and powerfully gentle pomegranate enzyme to smooth and hydrate skin in as little as one use.

Customize this dual-action exfoliator by adjusting the amount of water you incorporate with the scrub. Use less water to smooth areas of course, dry skin such as the heels and elbows, and more water on more delicate areas.

8. A Skin-Toning Body Cream

Summer’s sleeveless tops and bathing suits mean you’ll be exposing more of your skin. Help your body look its best with all-over skin-firming hydration courtesy of our our Caffeine Toning Body Cream. In this decadently rich body cream, caffeine sourced from green coffee beans gives the skin a smoother appearance while niacinamide improves  skin texture and barrier function. Use deep, circular massaging motions to apply to thighs, abdomen, or any other areas that need a lift.

9. A Weightless, Glow-Boosting Body Oil

Luminous, healthy skin is the ultimate accessory to pair with revealing summer styles. Lock in moisture and boost radiance from head to toe with our 100% Squalane Oil. Our fast-absorbing sugarcane-derived squalane oil is a molecular match for the moisture naturally found in human skin, making it the ideal all-over moisturizing oil.

While there are many ways to use our 100% Squalane Oil, using it as an all-over highghlighter is one of our favorites. Dab a little bit on your collar bone and shoulders and smooth it onto your legs for a weightless, natural-looking summer glow.

 10. A Deeply Nourishing Lip Balm

Long days in the sun can cause dehydration, and your lips are often the first place where it shows up. Immediately improve the appearance of dry lips by delivering a blast of glossy moisture with our Rose Vegan Lip Balm. Our petroleum-free formula uses hyaluronic acid and ceramides to deeply hydrate and nourish while wakame algae helps restore the look of plumpness.

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